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We all like to succeed and it’s no different with our dogs. That’s why when you start a training program you should always consider using Positive Reinforcement Dog Training. The psychology behind positive reinforcement is based on the theory that dogs like to please their owners and also receive rewards.

If a dog displays a behavior and is rewarded for it, they will be more likely to display that behaviour again when prompted to do so. The reward can be a treat, the dog’s favorite toy, extra praise, attention or affection. This can work as a stimulus as it is showing the dog that they are making their owner happy and the owner is rewarding the dog for it. Positive reinforcement can be particular to an individual dog as what one dog may find rewarding, another may not. The key to using this technique successfully depends upon finding a stimulus that a dog finds rewarding.

Positive reinforcement training relies on communication the most of all types of training methods. A trainer who uses this method of training must be able to understand what the dog is learning and how he/she is learning it while also communicating to what the dog needs to do again. The benefit of positive reinforcement over negative reinforcement is that negative reinforcement tends to revolve around the one –way communication of the trainer/owner asserting his or herself over the dog, rather than a two way interaction built on trust between the trainer/owner and the dog being trained.

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