About Positively Pet Partners LLC 

Positively Pet Partners LLC was founded in March 2013 in Medford, Long Island, New York by Certified Dog Trainer, Judy Tarasek. Prior to becoming a dog trainer, Judy, a lifelong animal lover, was employed in Information Technology for over 30 years. While still employed in that field, Judy went back to school, secured her dog training certification and started her business full time in 2013.

As a dedicated supporter of adoption through rescues, Judy has saved many dogs and cats as well as her African Grey Parrot who will be celebrating his 25th Birthday. She also spends time working with local rescues to rehab shelter dogs and cats.

Today, Judy’s animal expertise has been expanding for 11 years and counting. The Medford and Long Island areas have proven to be ideal communities for exercising her commitment to training dogs of all breeds, sizes, and temperaments.


Judy Tarasek talks about how virtual dog training helps Long Islanders connect with experts from a social distance