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"Training Makes a Good Dog into a Great Dog! Please Note: Positively Pet Partners is currently not doing any in-home sessions but we are open for Zoom sessions and self-distancing outdoor sessions once stay-at-home orders are lifted. "
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Rave Reviews
Tom and Delia G., Ronkonkama, NY
Jack, Bichon
" I'm not afraid of Jack anymore, and Judy's training has cured his nipping and mouthing. She is always available to answer questions and offer encouragement. Our household is much more relaxed and we can enjoy being with our dog."
Ronnie and Kathy D., Bayport, NY
Baxter, Havanese
" Baxter is much less aggressive and mouthy. I liked that I learned how to transfer Baxter to a calm state. I like that the training is done at home and one on one. We liked the personal attention."
Courtney C., Selden, NY
Rumple, Yorkshire Terrier
" Judy is the best! My dog needed basic obedience training and had to be taught to stay off the furniture. Rumple gravitated towards Judy and loved her right away. The classes showed results very quickly and I am very satisfied."
Kim M., Kings Park, NY
Charlee, Cockapoo and Rocky, Pomeranian
"I never thought that Rocky was trainable. When I adopted Charlee from a kill shelter, I knew I had to get training for my dogs. Rocky and Charlee were attacking each other and I didn't want to take Charlee back to the shelter. The results from Judy's classes were so rewarding. Judy is amazing. I love the control I have over my dogs now and they are so well behaved. I have the tools to work with them."
Ken and Sarah W,. Holstville, NY
Koda, German Shepherd Dog
" We enjoyed learning training exercises to do at home. We learned a lot we didn't know and saw results! Koda loved Judy and we could tell he enjoyed the training as much as we did!"
Mariana G., Eastport, NY
Sam, Beagle/Basset Hound mix
"Sam was marking and I didn't know what to do. Judy suggested that I get belly band wraps for Sam and it solved the problem. Sam needed leash training as he pulled, and after the training, he is so much better on the leash. Judy was always positive and helpful. Overall, classes were great and Sam really loves Judy."
Amanda C. and Will S., Amity Harbor, NY
Charlie, German Shepherd Dog Mix
"We are so pleased with Charlie's behavior. He is so much more comfortable in his own skin and seems much happier. We have control of him around distractions and he is less afraid." (Charlie had severe fear reactivity and would bark and lunge at strangers in the street. He no longer does this and it makes for a pleasant walking experience.)
Tracy and Bill S., Medford, NY
Aviva, Lab/Pointer Mix
"Aviva is much more well behaved and listens to commands. I really liked seeing the dog transform her behavior. The goal of the training has been met with the sit and sit/stay commands as well as the loose leash walking."
Ali C., East Setauket, NY
Sasha, Golden Retriever
"The overall program was excellent! Demonstrations, practice and reasoning for all activities. I truly appreciated the multitude of helpful hints. Judy is an amazing trainer of both pets and people!
Christine and Vinny P, Shirley, NY
Bella, American Bluenose Pitbull Terrier
"Thank you for everything you have done for our family. Bella is the beautiful, well behaved puppy that we knew she could be after all of your help and instruction. Bonding with her and watching her learn commands was very interesting!"
Karen C., Selden, NY
Taz, Dolce and Gabbana - Micro-Bully, Long Haired Chihuahua, Apple Head Chihuahua
"I like that I now know how to communicate with my dogs so that I have control. With this new knowledge I was able to achieve harmony among my dogs and no longer have to deal with fighting and bad behavior."
Jacquelin L., Malverne, NY
Scooby, Yorkshire Terrier
"This was my first time working with a trainer. I found it to be very informative and helpful. I learned a lot on how to work with Scooby through his anxiety and his sometimes unpleasant behavior. He is not as anxious and he I feel like I am more in control of him."
Dina M., Bellport, NY
Mickey, Terrier Mix; Skye, Boxer Mix; Bosco & Foxy, Chihuahuas
"We see a night and day difference in our four dogs and their behavior. We greatly appreciate the training we received. Judy is wonderful ! "
Renee O., Medford, NY
Reggie, Lab Mix
"I am 100% satisfied with both Judy's techniques and the results. It was interesting to watch Judy train one dog while the other was present. I plan on future visits."
Jessica & Danny I, Rocky Point, NY
Nikki, Terrier Mix
"We learned what to say to Nikki so that she does what we want and need her to do. She is a happy dog and we are happy too."
Jennifer M., Ronkonkama, NY
Bayley, Lab mix
"I liked that my four month old puppy learned to sit and stay when told and that she walks better on the leash now. Judy is a wonderful person and it shows in how she talks to you and how she treats your dog. Her love of animals really shows."
Frances M., Bluepoint, NY
Bailey, Shiz Tsu
"I loved how Judy was able to desensitize Bailey with his fears of having his face groomed. Her trip with us to the groomer really helped us to understand how to help him overcome his fears."
Scott and Jennifer G., East Islip, NY
Hunter, Chocolate Lab; Brody, Yellow Lab
"We really liked that only positive reinforcement training was used as we had used other training methods before. We can now take Brody on walks and not use a prong collar. We also learned about using high value treats for certain training exercises which helped a lot. Judy was great and very loving towards our dogs."
Lori D., Levittown, NY
Beauty, Border Collie Mix
"Thank you for helping us decrease Beauty's anxiety by helping us understand her and reinforce her good behaviors. We were able to see dramatic changes in her behavior in a very short timeframe. She is a work in progress but she is a beloved member of our family and very therapeutic to us all. "
Ed and Liz P., Brookhaven, NY
Sadie, Blue Tick Coonhound, Philomena; Boston Terrier/French Bulldog Mix
" We felt the training was great for the dogs and for us! They were "wild women" before training and now coming home to them is so much more controlled and enjoyable. We are happy to have the tools to be able to work with our dogs."
Doris B., Selden, NY
Toby, Beagle Mix
"The greatest benefit to me was learning to train and to deal with my dog's undesirable behavior. I really liked learning how to train him to walk properly on a leash. I am pleased that I chose positive reinforcement training as it has created constructive education for both myself and my dog."
George V., Brookhaven, NY
Jake, German Shepherd Dog
" This is the first time I hired a dog trainer and it was well worth it! Judy is very easy to work with and the training sessions were very interesting. What I liked best was learning new ways to train Jake and that he now interacts much better with our small dogs, Charlie and Petey. "
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