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"Training Makes a Good Dog into a Great Dog! Please Note: Positively Pet Partners is currently not doing any in-home sessions but we are open for Zoom sessions and self-distancing outdoor sessions once stay-at-home orders are lifted. "
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Our Services
The Packages below are examples of what we offer and can be customized for you and the needs of your dog. All training is done 'On Leash'.

A $50 non-refundable deposit is required to hold your appointment scheduled more than a week in advance. A 24 hour notice is required for all cancellations that are not emergencies.

Basic Obedience On Leash (Best Option if your dog has never had any training)
Focus, Sit, Sit/Stay, Come, Down, Down/Stay, OK, Take It, Leave It, Loose Leash Walking

Basic Obedience and Problem Behaviors On Leash
Focus, Sit, Sit/Stay, Come, Down, Down/Stay, Ok, Leave It, Take It, Loose Leash Walking, Nipping, Jumping (for example)

Problem Behaviors (Best Option if your dog has had some obedience training but has some undesirable behaviors: we can customize the package to address whatever problems you are having with your dog)
Nipping, Jumping, Excessive Barking, Digging, Chewing the wrong things

Shy Dogs, Reactive Dogs
A Training package can be developed after a phone consultation or in-person consultation

Basic Obedience and House Training - this is the best option for new puppy owners

Crate-Training - this is invaluable if for example, you do not want your dog sleeping in your bed or if your dog is destructive when you are not home.

Extreme Leash Walking Problems - a training package can be customized to the needs of you and your dog. Equipment suggestions as well as training techniques are employed to help the owner and the dog to enjoy their daily walks.

Teaching your dog 'Impulse Control' can be life-saving - A dog that stops at the front door and doesn't run into the street can mean the difference between life and death.

Canine and Feline Integration - teaching your cat and dog to get along.

Feline Enrichment - a bored cat is a destructive cat. Learn how to entertain your cat and have fun while doing it!

Advanced Obedience Off Leash (Best Option if your dog has had training and you want more control off leash)
Focus, Sit, Sit/Stay, Come, OK, Down, Down/Stay, Take it, Leave It, Fetch, Rollover.

My Contract
Click the link above to view my contract. If you would like, you can print, sign and bring it with you to your first appointment.
If you have any questions regarding what we offer, please call for rates and more information.
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